America’s Veterans Make Excellent Realtors


You and Your Standards

Trust, respect, detail, and discipline are four words that apply to members of our armed forces. Honest, brave, and direct are three more. Add in the fact that we protect others from wrongdoing and we always look out for our comrades. Members of our armed forces take The Oath of Enlistment. Realtors also take an oath to abide by the Code of Ethics, and to be held to a higher standard.

Agents of the Future

These are just some of the reasons our veterans make excellent Realtors. Realtors do not just list properties, market them, and show homes to interested buyers. It is much more than that; Realtors are, in many ways, agents of their client’s future.

  • Investors in residential, commercial, or industrial real estate want to create wealth for themselves and the community.
  • Home sellers and buyers want to make decisions which will impact their lives and their family’s lives, perhaps for years to come.

Working with clients demands skills, a dedication to duty, the ability to work with other professionals as well as clients, and a desire to succeed – each and every time. Successful Realtors learn and then apply what they know in the right way. Successful Realtors stand tall among their colleagues and in the community.

A Real Estate Career

We have just discussed the principles that make veterans ideal Realtors. On a practical level, real estate is an ideal career. You can work full-time, grow your business, work alone or start your own team. You can open your own office and build a powerful business with you at the head. Alternatively, real estate allows you to work part-time and to earn as much as you decide is right for you and your family.

You may prefer to work in financing, property inspection or another branch of real estate. We offer many different courses to meet specific needs. But let us stay with Realtors for this article.

Real estate is about knowing a market, becoming a trusted member of that market, so potential sellers and buyers, and other real estate professionals want to work with you – even seek you out. Markets may be geographic and based on a subdivision or particular types of property, and they may be what is called “demographic.” That is a market where people like you – other military and veteran personnel – want to work with people like you. Having a ready-made market waiting for you to grow your career is far more than many new Realtors begin with.

Your Real Estate Career

According to The Washington Post, 80% of military personnel and veterans own their own home compared to 64% of civilians. That is a big market. Add to that the fact that the GI Bill provides a lifetime benefit of getting a VA loan. Your ideal market can apply for a 100%, no-down-payment mortgage to finance their home. This often means they can buy a bigger and better property, resulting in a bigger commission check to you. And it means that down-payment money can be used to invest in a rental property or other income-producing piece of real estate.

Beginning Your Real Estate Career

As a leader in real estate programs, we do everything we can to help you begin your career. We offer major discounts to veterans and first responders – and to their family members who want to begin their real estate career. so, to learn more about how we will deliver results for you, please just click here to contact us. We will answer your questions and advise you on the best way to move forward.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your service!