Whether it has been a few months since college or a few years since high school, studying for the Florida real estate exam takes a bit more effort than you may anticipate. In 2015, the pass rate for first-time takers of the Florida sales associate test was 53%, then just 35% for repeat testers. These statistics include everyone from GED to college graduates. Those are not good odds, so you want to ensure you are studying the right way and are highly motivated to pass the test the first time. Check out these Florida real estate exam prep tips to make sure you are prepared and up for the challenge!

Utilize practice tests

After you enroll in a real estate school pre-license course for your 63 hours of training, immediately begin to read the text and do the included practice exams even before you begin your course. If you skim the exams without any prior real estate knowledge, you will have a much better idea of what to look for in your coursework and text once you start your 63 hours. Your goal is to pass your test first and foremost. Not all pre-license courses include a state exam prep or study methods to ensure a passing score and some online courses might even require additional preparation. If your goal is passing the first time and you have an idea of what kind of questions will be on the test, it will be easier to focus on that material. As you progress through your course, you actually begin taking the practice tests to see where you need improvement.


Supplement with flashcards

If you have kids, you probably have a few packs of index cards lying around the house. They are an inexpensive and they are a tried and true method as a study aid. Plus, you can take them anywhere — study in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, on the bus to work or while dinner is cooking. Your kids, spouse, and family members can even get in on the fun of helping you learn terms and definitions.

As soon as you get your textbook, begin reading and review some practice tests to begin your pre-license course and make flashcards. The course is designed to prepare you for your new career after the exam. Your instructor knows the landscape of the industry, but it can be hard to sift through all the information to find what might be and what might not be on the state exam. Keep your goal of passing in mind and search out the most likely information on the test. Use your knowledge of the practice tests you have reviewed, keep your flashcards handy and you will be focused on the right information.

Once you have passed your end of course exam, register immediately for a state exam prep course. Prepare the special prep materials before you come to class and if you are unsure of the content, review your text, your practice tests, and your flashcards.

Take an exam prep course, too

You could try to prepare on your own, or you could take an exam prep course specifically constructed to help you pass your test. With a busy schedule, kids, spouse, another career, and more, you might be thinking about how hard it was to attend all of those classes, let alone an additional exam prep course. But, exam prep courses are conveniently offered on the weekends, dedicating those two whole days to a comprehensive, fast-paced review for the state exam. Remember those odds of who passes and fails? Chances are, the exam prep course instructors know a thing or two about passing and you will be able to walk into your state exam confident and well prepared.



Make sure you pass your exam the first time. It is in your own best interest to have the very best educational tools while you prepare for your licensing exams. Choose a real estate school with a proven record of high exam pass rates and student satisfaction. Even better, why not choose a school that combines the pre-license course with additional exam prep courses for one low cost? Instead of spending extra time researching the many real estate schools in Florida and online, remember that not all real estate schools are the same and choose IFREC. IFREC offers resources including comprehensive exam prep that help you pass your test the first time. Speak with one of our expert career counselors to truly see the difference when choosing a premier provider of real estate education and the impact it can make on your future!


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