Real Estate Career What You Can Do After Completing Your Online Real Estate School

What You Can Do After Completing Your Online Real Estate School


There are eight services that only real estate professionals with a license can legally perform for compensation. Thus, after completing your online real estate school and obtaining your license, you can choose to participate in a wide variety of different fields within the real estate industry! The eight real estate services include: advertising, appraising, auctioning, buying, exchanging, leasing, renting and selling. Here is our breakdown of these eight real estate services:

Advertise & Sell

The most important and basic service that a real estate professional provides is helping clients advertise and sell properties. Florida Real Estate License law requires the possession of a valid license for anyone earning compensation when advertising/selling or attempting to advertise/sell property belonging to another. Once you have obtained a sales associate license, you can deepen your real estate knowledge by becoming a broker. Agents and brokers can advertise and sell a wide variety of properties: residential, commercial, industrial and office, and farm and land. You can even carve out a niche for yourself by becoming an expert in a specific type of property: timeshares, renovations, luxury homes, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Lease & Rent

On the flip side, you can choose to go into property management with one of the local real estate brokerages to handle rentals and leases for residential and commercial properties. You will have to find qualified tenants for rental units or you will have to work with property owners to help them navigate the complex nature of the property market. If you are looking for a more customer service oriented career in real estate, becoming a property manager would be a great alternative to the traditional sales associate position.


While obtaining a Florida real estate license allows for limited appraisal services, there are some actions that must be performed by a licensed or certified appraiser. To become a Registered Appraisal Trainee, you must take five separate courses that add up to 105 hours of education. Learn more about the requirements here.

A real estate appraiser’s job is to determine the current value of a property for buyers, sellers and other agents. To do this appraisers will:

  • Walk through each room to assess the interior condition.
  • Walk the length of the property to determine exterior condition.
  • Evaluate the condition of any amenities.
  • Take note of health or safety code violations.
  • Record the layout of the property.

Buy & Exchange

As a Florida real estate agent, you are able to represent yourself in the purchase of real estate properties. Becoming a dual agent/investor can do more than just save you money — you can actually make money off this strategy. Not only can you save a portion of the commission but you can also use your negotiation skills to get the best price for your target property. You can even use your real estate and construction knowledge to fix and flip your investment properties to increase their value and therefore your equity.

Instead of being the buyer, you can help buyer-clients at every stage of the home-buying process by gaining the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation presented by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC).


With a Florida real estate license you are able to hold auctions for your sellers’ properties. A real estate auction is an innovative and effective method of marketing and selling all types of real estate. Because of its fast-paced, intense process, auctions draw buyers who are ready to buy and can eliminate long negotiation periods. Real estate agents or brokers can obtain the Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate (AARE), a professional designation awarded by the National Auctioneers Association with customized education and advanced training in the selling of real estate at auction.



Once you have completed your online real estate school and obtained your license, you are able to perform any of these eight real estate services for compensation. Many people when looking at their opportunities do not initially realize all of the things they can do with their license. For more information, you can also speak with one of our expert career counselors at IFREC to get a better feel for which service your personality and skill set would best fit. With more than 30 years as the premier real estate education provider, IFREC’s faculty and staff are ready to help you achieve your real estate career goals.