Why Career Fairs Are Still Effective


In today’s digital age when it comes to job searching, much of the work has been moved online. Job searching sites and social media channels, such as LinkedIn, have dramatically changed the way many people find new opportunities. However, when it comes to effectiveness, career fairs still remain one of the best ways to find a new job opportunity.

Though technology has certainly made communication easier, and also more efficient, there is still no replacement for human-to-human interaction. At the heart of every career fair, the exchanges happening between recruiters and job candidates simply isn’t replicated on the web or through email. There are many other reasons why career fairs are still something many companies enjoy attending but below are some of the reasons why they work so well for job candidates:

Information Gathering

For job seekers. getting valuable information about a company isn’t always an easy thing. This is because most of the information on a company found online isn’t always accurate. Getting a sense of company culture, job benefits, and just having questions answered in a direct way can’t be obtained from a website. Sure you can find annual reports and company data, but the only way to gather inside information is to speak with a company representative in-person. This is precisely where career fairs really stand out.


Networking is one of those things that many people are either great or poor at. Not everyone has extroverted personalities and natural gifts of making contacts out of introductions. For those that are great at this, don’t discount the power of networking. For those that aren’t, that’s okay too because at career fairs the recruiters there are usually already open to making contacts. Meeting people that are searching to make new contacts is a great opportunity to begin networking relationships with. At career fairs, there is always a real opportunity to start your own networking advances or further bolster ones that you already have. Also important is the fact that doing this in person is always better than doing it online. The reason why is because as human beings, we tend to remember vocal exchanges and faces much better than we do with email messages or LinkedIn requests.

Exploring Career Change

Sometimes the people at career fairs aren’t always in there to apply for different jobs. In fact, many times career fairs serve as opportunities to learn more about different industries and companies. Say for instance you are someone who works in the technology sector but have had an interest in real estate. You might not be ready to make the jump but you are in a position to learn more about the field. At a career fair you are able to do really effective research on an entire industry by just strolling around different tables and obtaining information packets. Many recruiters will likely be even open to speaking with you more about the industry since they’ll be unguarded by the fact that you simply want to learn more about the field. As stated before, of course, you can do this online, but there is no replacement for speaking with people in person. If you have any interest in real estate, you don’t need a wealth of experience and knowledge to attend a career fair. By just attending a fair, you are doing something positive for your own career advancement at very little cost other than your time.

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