How to Find the Best Real Estate Institute


Interested in becoming a licensed real estate broker or sales associate, but not sure where to begin? We are here to help you. First you must choose the best fitting school, whether a degree program or licensing courses. Finding the best real estate institute or school for you can seem confusing, but we have simplified your search into three easy steps. When trying to find the best real estate school research their reputation, match your availability and seek preparation courses.

Research their Reputation

Learning about the reputation of each of your prospective schools is essential for choosing the best option for you. When conducting research you should look into the length of time each school has been in the business, as this often reflects their credibility. When researching also look for testimonials of former students. On blogs and websites it is easy to find reviews from students, who provide real success stories from their real estate schooling experiences.

When searching for the best school it is also important to research the quality of instructors. Your instructors play a key role in developing you into the professional you dream of becoming. On most school websites instructors are all listed and available to contact, if you wish.

Cost alone should not be the determining factor for selecting how you obtain your real estate education and how you achieve your career goals. When considering a real estate school always remember caveat emptor or buyer beware. Some institutions or real estate schools will offer a low price to enroll you into a class but will hit you with additional costs once you become a student. The important thing to remember is that “you get what you pay for.” So when looking at prices make sure you are comparing apples to apples. For example, does your course tuition include a prep course to prepare you for the state exam? If not, how much does that cost? When is it offered? How many times can I take it? With a degree program you will spend two to four years getting your degree but with licensing courses you are able to complete them as your schedule allows.


Match your Availability

If you are changing careers, looking to start a career while raising kids or you are just plain busy availability is a crucial factor in deciding how to obtain your license. Research the courses offered at your prospective schools as you want to be able to fit the courses into your schedule. Be sure to research the school’s location and which are closest to where you live or work. With such an influx in technology, it may be easier for you to find a school with online courses. If an online option appeals to you, several online course options are available.

Seek Prep Courses

When aiming to pass any exam you do not want to have to continually retake the state exam in order to pass. One of the best ways to ensure you pass the state exam the first time is by choosing an institute that provides prep courses. Think back to when you took the SAT before college. You were well-educated, but did not want to blindly jump into the exam, right? You most likely took a prep course to ensure the best results on your test. The same goes for the state exam. For example, IFREC Real Estate Schools offers a two day intensive prep course on weekends. This course is geared specifically to help you pass your state exam.

With these three steps you are now ready to decide which school is best for you! If real estate licensing courses, the ease of online options, the availability of multiple locations and an emphasis on exam prep courses are important factors in your search, IFREC is here to help. Contact one of our career counselors to help you begin your real estate education today!