The Value First Responders Bring to Real Estate


Who Are First Responders?

First responders make perfect real estate professionals. Real estate makes an excellent second career for first responders. Let us take a closer look to see why it makes so much sense for retired first responders to become Realtors. Let us begin with a simple profile. A first responder:

  • Has specialized training, so they can deal with a specific emergency situation where others are in danger or have been injured.
  • Is the first professional to arrive and provide practical assistance, individual and team support, and to execute quick and effective control actions.
  • Is usually a police officer, paramedic, firefighter, medical technician or rescuer. 

Powerful Skills

First responders have powerful, respected, and effective skill-sets. They do not just “do.” They survey, assess, make decisions based on known and expected priorities, they understand how to make the best use of resources, and they know how to adjust to changing situations and new factors. First responders are the kind of people you want in an emergency. They are also the sort of people you want as neighbors or sitting on school boards, or as colleagues and associates in work and business. First responders bring something more to the table.

It is for these reasons that first responders bring the highest value to the real estate profession.

The Real Estate Profession

Buying and selling homes is rarely an emergency. It is stressful. Most people say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. It is not just that packing and moving takes effort and emotion, it is also because the buying and selling process is full of obstacles, mistakes, misunderstandings, changes of mind, errors, and then emotion.

Managing the general public, working with other Realtors, loan officers, title agents, home inspectors, contractors and so on takes skill and experience. Some of the nitty-gritty details include:

  • Pricing a property for the market so it sells in the owner’s preferred time frame for the best price.
  • Writing a contract that reflects all the needs and desires or the buyer.
  • Presenting that contract so the details are clear and understood. (For a contract to succeed there must be what lawyers call “a meeting of the minds.” One reason contracts fail – adding to effort and stress is that “something was not clear.”)
  • Presenting a counter-offer in such a way it is accepted.
  • Managing the post-contract stage – title agents, mortgage officers, home inspectors, etc. and ensuring everything is done on time and to standard.

Getting all of these right first time takes the kind of skills all first responders have and use. Real estate is very much a non-emergency profession that can make the most of first responder abilities. It is also a profession that brings high rewards. Those rewards are both personal and financial. Successful Realtors rise quickly in the ranks. They become sought-after listing agents and buyer agents. People refer them to their friends, family members, and neighbors. In addition, a successful Realtor who was a first responder raises the bar for all Realtors. Your professionalism becomes a standard for others to emulate.

First Responder Benefits

Buyers and sellers like to work with Realtors they are comfortable with. First responder buyers and sellers will want to work with you. They will do that for two main reasons:

  • They know they can totally rely on you.
  • You know the many benefits available to first responders as they buy and sell homes.

You will be able to tell your clients about possible down payment assistance or special mortgage programs designed specifically for police officers and other first responders. New programs become available to first responders in specific areas. This program is specific to 21 Florida counties for first responders and other employees.

And we also offer benefits to first responders who want to begin their new real estate career. We offer a full 15% course fee discount to first responders who follow our programs. So, to learn more about how we can help you bring your unique skills to real estate, please click this link to contact us.