Particularly at Florida real estate license renewal time in March and September, there are many questions about mutual recognition.

If you are not a Florida resident but hold a real estate license in another state, you may obtain a Florida license by passing a 40 question state exam and meeting these qualifications:

*Must be 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma or equivalent;

*(Must hold a valid, current and active license, in good standing, issued by the real estate licensing agency in the state from which the applicant is applying;

*you cannot be a Florida resident at the time of application

Mutual recognition agreements ensure that Florida licensees have an equal opportunity for licensure in these states. All of this can be very confusing to a real estate licensee from another state. Currently, there are only 7 states that recognize Mutual Recognition; Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi and Nebraska.  There is no educational course required to meet the Florida Mutual recognition requirements and the exam is the same for salesperson or broker applicants and most importantly applies to non-residents only. Once you become a Florida licensee, you will be required to complete the identical post licensing and continuing education required for Florida resident licensees.

With questions about your real estate license renewal in Florida, please contact a career counselor at IFREC Real Estate Schools, toll free 888-647-PASS (7277) or visit us at www.IFREC.com.  Do not fail to renew timely.