With Soaring Home Prices, Is a Real Estate License Worth Pursuing?


As home prices soar, it translates into fatter commissions for hard-working Realtors. During the housing decline, some aspiring real estate professions wondered, “Is a real estate license worth pursuing?” Of course, the answer remains the same during a buyer or a seller’s market if you love working with people and solving challenges. At this time, the real estate profession is absolutely lucrative for ambitious individuals. According to a recent article by The Orlando Sentinel, high home prices means bigger income for Central Florida real estate agents. The article reports it’s a win-win for sellers and their agents with Realtors pocketing a larger commission and sellers enjoying more money at closing from the sale. Experts point out some real estate professions felt as though they were in survival mode during the recession. As the housing market reaches a peak again, it’s not too late to take part in the housing euphoria. As people find better jobs, settle down, and start families, they begin to realize that home ownership is a major part of their long-term goals. The article reported that Realtors in Orange, Lake, Seminole and Osceola counties receive commissions 20 to 30 percent higher in recent years compared to the recession. Four years ago, only about 12,000 people got real estate licenses. Now, the number is about 25,800 in Florida. In order to make the most of a real estate license, keep in mind a few basic success principles outlined in a piece by biggerpockets.com.

Making real estate part of your life

Selling real estate is not just a career for the most successful Realtors. According to biggerpockets.com, good Realtors get their face out there with ads, yard signs, billboards and even networking at community events. Even before you obtain your real estate license, be on the lookout for ways to drum up real estate business.

Knowing the Central Florida territory

To sell real estate in Central Florida, it pays to know the neighborhoods. Find unusual ways to get to know the neighborhoods, roads, hot spots and people such as driving for a Ride Sharing company or trying out restaurants in areas that are new to you. The most successful real estate agents know not only the best neighborhoods but the best home inspectors, lenders, and contractors. Get to know other people in the real estate business as well as your community.

Devoting yourself to work full-time

If you have a young family, start planning now how to care for your children or loved ones while also working in real estate. Many people love the flexibility that comes with real estate. Still, you need backup help when going on a whirlwind house hunt or when juggling several deals at the same time. As the housing market heats up, Realtors expect crazy hours and long nights.

Understanding it’s your baby and business

Having a real estate business takes an entrepreneurial attitude. Most real estate agents work on commission. Realtors often work under an experienced real estate broker, sharing the commission. Real estate agents compete to list homes. To compete, identify your place in the competitive real estate playing field. Do you want to focus on new construction? If so, work with the various new home builders. Do you have a good rapport with older people? Creating a niche with the 55 and older group is another good path to take.

When it comes to getting a real estate license to work in Central Florida, there are numerous benefits. It’s a lucrative career at this time as well as a profession that provides respect, flexibility, freedom and satisfaction. Consider completing real estate classes to profit from the booming real estate market and current commission in a strong market in Central Florida

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