How to Make Money in Real Estate When You Are Starting Out


Success in the real estate industry is strongly based on the notion that what you put in is what you get out. Initially when you begin your career in real estate, it may seem difficult to make money from the beginning. There are essential building blocks and measures to take that will give your career a strong foundation. Taking these necessary steps will give you valuable insight on how to make money in real estate and kick start your career:

Interview with several real estate companies

Much like any industry, the interview process is a great way to feel out what exactly you are looking for and a sure fire way to find your perfect fit. Before the interview process, it is a good idea to have an understanding of what type of work you would like to be doing. Even if you have your eye set on one company in particular, it is in your best interest to interview with several different companies. Each company has their own types of training, floor time requirements, compensation and fees. Training can vary from company to company. Many companies will insist that you do ongoing training throughout your real estate career. There are companies that have training that is available at the corporate level, local level and even the national level in many different venues.  You may think you know the exact company you want to work with and then realize after the interview they are not a good fit. On the other hand, you may realize you are interested in a company you did not know much about before the interview process.

During your interview process, you will be able to gauge your potential earnings and discover if that is the company that will give you the best potential. Interviewing with multiple real estate companies will give you great insight into the type of environment you want to work in and will allow you to move forward with a company that is the best fit for you and your earning potential. To help you in your search, IFREC’s “Who’s Hiring” page is a great resource for finding the perfect fit real estate company for you.


Become a member of the National Association of REALTORS®

Networking is the key to success in the ever-growing real estate industry. Creating strong, meaningful connections with your peers is a great way to open doors and increase your potential earnings when you are starting out. The NAR® offers many benefits to members that will be sure to launch your career in the right direction. The value of the membership extends to include real estate market data access, business tools and discounted programs to save you money in the process.

Becoming a member of your local NAR® chapter is essentially your first investment in the industry that will lead to immense profit. Apart from the inestimable value of the connection you will find here, there are several tangible benefits to joining this community as a newcomer in the field. They offer many financial benefits such as REALTORS® insurance, personal banking services to manage your finances better, along with risk and transaction management. These financial benefits will be your lifeline in managing the new flow of finances that can become overwhelming. This will also keep you on track with your finances to ensure you are making the right financial decisions that lead to gainful profit.

Profit from referral business

The hidden gem of real estate and the most effective way to increase your profit is through referral business. Through continuous industry research, it has been found that staying in relation to a client database and real estate referral business is the best way to gain more business. In short, a real estate referral business is a business that is generated from leads such as friends, relatives, co-workers and anyone that is in your general network. Though the referral business has its many perks and high profit potential, there are a few things to consider.

A referral business is not a quick fix to making money from the gates of starting your career. It is best to consider referral business as a long-term strategy to increasing your leads and start a buildable income. With that being said, fully relying on referral business will not supply you with a steady source of income. The best way to approach referral business is to start building your client network while you retain your current listings and open houses.



While it may seem like your referral business is on the back burner, it is important that you are constantly nurturing the relationship between you and your network. Staying in contact with your client base is the key component in your profit production using referrals. Keeping track of the contacts you reach out to every day will keep you on track to maintaining client relations.

Making money in the real estate industry is indicative of the amount of work you put in. Taking these steps to kick start your career will not only give you a strong learning foundation but will also lead to long-term profit growth. Start your career in the right direction by speaking with an expert career counselor about the many job opportunities available across Central Florida!