Passing the Florida Real Estate Exam: Why You Should Choose IFREC (Part II)


State exam prep actually begins with choosing the right company and the right type of class. In Part I, we discussed the power and value to you of IFREC ‘s depth and breadth in the real estate education training business. With so many subject areas, experienced instructors, and our position in the real estate community we bring so much more to our students than simple techniques to help you pass an exam. That philosophy is huge. We build your success into our classes, we do not simply offer techniques to pass – we offer a total strategy. And that underpins your success and your decision about why you should choose IFREC.

Part of that strategy is comfort. All educators know that when a student feels good about where they are, what they are doing, and how they are doing it their chances of success skyrocket.

Your Class Choices

Many of our students are already hard at work, so fit in training classes around their other responsibilities. Some live somewhere else and want to get their training in before they move to our beautiful state, pass their license exam and begin their real estate career. We understand pressure, and we know that people learn best, prepare best, and pass exams best when their instructors, coaches, and course designers take the psychology of study into account. We do more than simply design comprehensive courseware.

Face-to-Face Classes

If you live in Florida and prefer a classroom setting, we offer many locations, so you don’t have to spend time and money traveling long distances. Our course locations are in Orlando, Kissimmee/St. Cloud, Celebration, DeLand, Tuskawilla/Oviedo, Tavares, Stuart, and Vero Beach.

Online Classes 

Our online classes offer a choice of study time. As long as you have a typical computer and at least a 56K modem connection you are good to go.

Class Progress

All of our classes – pre-license, post-license, and professional development – are designed to ensure you learn what you need to learn, prove you know it, and use what you have learned in future sections (where appropriate) to reinforce your learning. Our classes are not the traditional “jug and mug” teaching, where the instructor pours out knowledge and students catch what they can. Our approach to your learning is designed to enable you to pass the first time.

The Takeaway

At IFREC, we do not just want you to pass the first time, we expect you to. Happy and successful students want to grow their careers by taking post-license and professional development qualifications. We want IFREC to be, not only your first choice but your obvious choice. Our business model relies on our training strategies. The more successful you are, the more you enjoy your learning experiences, the more likely you are to choose IFREC next time. You succeed; we succeed.

In the next article, we will discuss exam-passing techniques so you will know we back up our strategies with down-to-earth, get-it-done action. If you would like to explore more of what we offer, please visit our website by clicking this link.