Passing the Florida Real Estate Exam: Why You Should Choose IFREC (Part IV)


In this article we will discuss basic exam prep strategies. You completed the course and passed the course exam, so you know your stuff. You have set your goals, and you are studying the material ready to get your license. Actually preparing for the exam itself is simple and straightforward. To quote Dr. David Hemery, an Olympic Gold Medallist and retired athletics coach at Boston University, “The mind is key.”

The Exam

The Sales Associate and Broker exams each consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. The passing grade is 75. The state license exam is similar in format and content to the end-of-course exam you have already passed. If you are one of the many people who worry about exams, let your current success create your mindset for success next time. If you enjoy competing with yourself to pass exams, then use your past success to spur you on to an even better score in the state exam.

Effective Exam Prep Activity

Getting a great score is often based on having a strong mental attitude. Knowing what to expect in the exam and how to pass it will help you to do that. Here are some power tactics that help you succeed when you actually take the exam. They help you to get into the right mental state because “the mind is key.”

  1. Remind yourself that you passed the course exam, so this one is “just one more.”
  2. Take the state exam prep course. You will answer a lot of exam-type questions and have details explained so nothing is left to chance, and you will be ready.
  3. In your own time, if you cannot take the state exam course, do as many practice questions as you can. IFREC includes the prep course with your pre-license course.  You can choose to study the materials on your own. Successful athletes spend time in practice sessions and pre-event warm-ups. Successful exam-takers do the same.
  4. Know that when you first see the test, it pays to read the first few questions just to get your head into “exam mode.”
  5. You may choose to skip the first few questions and answer the first “easy to you” question that you see. This puts immediately you into “success mode.”
  6. Read through all the questions, and only answer the ones you find easy. On your second pass at the rest of the questions, answer the more difficult ones.
  7. Keep skipping any difficult questions until you have answered all the others, then you can sit and focus on the ones still left, if any. Remember there is enough time for you to use this strategy and still answer everything.
  8. Always read the question, highlight in your mind the main words or phrases, so you can focus on the multiple choices to find the right answer.
  9. If the answer is not obvious to you, eliminate the answers you know are wrong, then you will either only have one option left or, perhaps two. Focus on the two possibles and make your decision based on your coursework and state exam prep manual. In most cases the right answer will come to you.

The Takeaway

We, at IFREC, know how to prepare our students fully and effectively. Thousands of our students pass the exam first time. Our goal is for you to do the same. In our next article we show you another 14 exam success tactics.

If you would like to learn more about how to maximize your chances, please just click here to contact us.