Passing the Florida Real Estate Exam: Why You Should Choose IFREC (Part VI)


Enjoy the Day

In our previous articles we have covered the best ways to prepare for exam success by knowing your subject and having all the strategies and techniques in place when you sit the exam itself. In this article we will look at the simple “day of exam” prep so you know you have all the admin things in place as well.

To use an analogy, everyone looks forward to a wonderful vacation then some people panic about getting to the airport on time, having their tickets, boarding cards, and passports, drivers license, little plastic bag with 2 ounce bottles of liquid in, etc, etc, etc. The net result is a stressed-out start to something they’ve been looking forward to all year. By planning ahead, the trip to the airport can be just the first step on a wonderful vacation. By planning ahead for your exam, it just becomes the first step to a high pass mark.

Tips for the Day

  1. Know where the exam site is and how to get there.
  2. Do a dry run at the right time so you know the exact route you will take and what to expect on the way.
  3. Know where you will park, if you drive there, and how long it will take you to get from the parking lot to the exam center.
  4. If you will take a calculator in with you, make sure it is an approved style. Put it with the paperwork you will take with you.
  5. Have a checklist for all the paperwork, etc, you will need to gain entrance, and put it with your car keys or in the glove box, so it is all to hand when you set off.
  6. Do the same with special eye glasses, if you use them.
  7. Gas up your vehicle the day before.
  8. Also check local travel conditions the day before in case FDOT has started some new road works.
  9. Listen to the news before you set off in case there’s been a serious road accident that will affect your travel time.
  10. Set off in good time. Just like going to the airport, give yourself some leeway.
  11. Stick to your normal eating routine, so your stomach is as calm as your mind.
  12. Decide how you want to approach the exam. Actors rehearse their lines and get their makeup on, athletes do warm-ups before they step onto the track. So do the same. Know how you want to be and be that.
  13. When you are inside the building and waiting to enter the exam room be the person you want to be. By that we mean if you prefer to sit quietly and think or gaze out at the window, do that; if you want to check through your notes, do that; if you prefer to chat with others, do that. What matters is you behave how you want to so your mind is in exam-mode.

Final Note

That’s it! You have been on the right course, revised well, practiced well, checked any little piece you were not clear about, set the goal for your exam result, and by following this list you have prepared for the day. To go back to David Hemery, the Olympic Gold Medalist’s philosophy: The Mind is Key. See you on the podium! Please feel free to click here to contact us if you want to ask us anything.