Passing the Florida Real Estate Exam: Why You Should Choose IFREC (Part I)


Who Are You and What Is your Goal?

Real estate is one of the most rewarding careers for people whether you just want a great income from helping others live their dreams or if you want to build a large multi-office business. There are many independent real estate companies as well as the franchise offices we all know so well.

As well as Realtors and Brokers, some real estate professionals want to become property appraisers, mortgage loan originators, or home inspectors. Others want to be office managers or executive and personal assistants to successful Realtors. Wherever you see your future, we at IFREC, know our accredited courses devised and led by our first class faculty and staff, plus the options you have for face-to-face training or online classes offer you the best opportunities to begin and grow your career of choice.

Let us discuss that claim in detail so you will know choosing IFREC is your best career choice.

Who Are We and What Do We Offer You?

IFREC (Institute of Florida Real Estate Careers, Inc.) offers you more than 35 years of success. Hundreds of thousands of Realtors, appraisers, lenders, and home inspectors started with us and then grew their business with us. They learned what they needed, passed their exams, and went on to successfully complete all of their continuing education classes. Many others also added to their qualifications by taking our other accredited courses.

At first glance this may not seem too important to you surfing the net looking for a company that offers classes to start your career. Many organizations all over the country offer Florida-approved courses. Choosing a Florida-based company has immediate advantages for you.

We are deeply embedded in the “Florida real estate ecosystem” so we are finely tuned to anything and everything that touches your new career. That adds to the total expertise that we almost automatically bring to your learning experience. It guarantees that our classes are always fully up to date so you learn all you need to get your qualification and nothing you don’t.

Something you will learn in your pre-license classes is the power and authority of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Just one of our USPs is that IFREC’s president, Mr. Dick Fryer, is a current member of and was past-chairperson of the Commission. We have a lot to live up to. And we live up to it by ensuring the best quality learning for our student clientele and the best exam prep available.

It matters to us that we maintain our track record of successful pass rates, not just because you are entrusting us with your future, but also because the Florida real estate community has high expectations of us. We intend to keep our place as “lead dog.”

Later in this series we will discuss tips and tricks to help you choose the right course for you – face-to-face or online, and how you can maximize your chance of first-time-around success. If you would like to contact us, now, to learn more about specific courses, please just click here.