Real Estate Broker Courses: Quick Reference


If you have been in real estate for years but you want more, a broker license might be just the right step for you. Before you can become a broker, you must go through the classes and training needed to become a real estate sales associate. In addition to that, you must have been registered as an active sales associate for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years under one or more brokers.


When you decide to become a broker, you will have to complete more training. It is important to remember that the better that your education is, the better off your career will be.  Here at IFREC, we are dedicated to giving real estate professionals the training that they deserve.


Here are the real estate broker courses that we offer.


The Pre-Licensure course for a broker is longer than for real estate sales associates. This seventy-two hour course covers in-depth information about appraisals, finance, investment and business management. The goal of this class is to provide brokers with the knowledge needed in order to operate a successful business legally and ethically. This class will prepare participants for the state examination.


No matter how prepared you feel, it is always a good idea to take our state exam prep course. This is an intensive two-day course to ensure that you are ready to pass the state examination. Though some people may feel prepared to skip this class because they have just taken the pre-licensure course, it is really essential to assist you in passing the state exam.


After passing the exam, all new brokers must complete the Post-Licensure course. The sixty hour requirement can be completed by attending two of the three courses that IFREC offer which include a practical guide to owning and managing a real estate office, real estate investment and single family residential property management. These courses will help new brokers learn how to start and run a successful broker office. They will also learn how to invest in real estate, from the purchase to the final sale of a property. They will also learn how to list property, lease or rent them, and even inspect and manage property. Some courses are specifically geared for those brokers who want to invest in residential real estate and rent out either single or multi-residential properties. Property management education is essential when it comes to rental properties.


All brokers are required to take Continuing Education and we offer it to interested parties. By continuing your education, you are staying up-to-date with the latest real estate advances, allowing you to stay abreast of industry trends. You are required to complete fourteen hours of continuing education in every twenty-four month renewal period comprised of eleven hours of specialty education and three hours of core law. You will be required to pass an examination in order to complete your education if you opt for distance learning.  If you choose to take the classroom continuing education course then no exam is required.


For those who are unable to take classes at any of our convenient locations, we offer online class options as well. You can take all of the required classes that you need, from your pre-license courses to post license courses and continuing education online.


If you have a real estate license in another state you may other options to becoming licensed in Florida.


Becoming a real estate broker can be a smart career move, though you need to get the right education in order to succeed. Contact us to get you started off right!