Real Estate License Online or In-Person?: Getting the Best Education


The day has come where you have decided to pursue your career in real estate, and now it is time to find the perfect medium of education to fit your schedule and learning style. Whether you are just starting your real estate career out of college or you have decided to switch industries and pursue your dream job, flexibility in your class schedule is important. Having the option to choose between training for your real estate license online or in the classroom allows you to get the best education that suites your needs. So which is best for you? Keep reading to learning how to get the best educational experience from your online or in-person real estate class.

In-Person Classes

Studying for your license in-person has many perks as it is the traditional way of learning. When considering studying for your real estate license in-person, it is important to be aware of your schedule and make allotted time to devote to going to class. This may be challenging if you have another job during this process or have other personal needs that call for more of your time. Here are a few pros to get a better understanding of what in-person classes can provide:

  • Strict Focus — In-person classes allow you to have direct focus on the instructor-led lecture and concentrate on your lessons so you are not interrupted by a phone call or doing outside work during your allotted classroom time.
  • Hands-On Learning — Being in a classroom can provide a unique learning experience that is hands-on and allows you to be attentive and ask questions if needed. It allows you to get more feedback and guidance in person and also a chance to develop a support system from your peers, such as a study group.
  • Communication Skills — The real estate industry thrives off of having excellent communication skills and being in a classroom will create an environment where communication is key. Learning interactions in the classroom will certainly help prepare your for communication with clients in the future.


Online Classes

Online classes are an up and coming medium for education and a great source for those who have a busy schedule outside of studying for their license. Having online courses makes your study more accessible than ever by allowing your to customize your classes to fit around your schedule.

  • Digital Advances — Studying your course online may take away from some of the benefits of onsite training activities, but it can make up for it in its digital advances. It uninterrupted, it allows you to focus on your lessons at your own page, in your own environment and to concentrate on the areas which may be a concern to you.
  • Flexibility — Not everyone has time to go to an onsite location for classes and online has filled that gap to give equal opportunity to students to succeed. Being able to establish a schedule online allows flexibility in the hours and place you will be getting your education.
  • Unlimited Access — Online courses give you 24/7 access to the training programs that can be viewed anywhere at any time. Having the ability to do your work from anywhere takes away stress from having a singular location for training and allows you to train at any hour of the day up into the middle of the night if need be.



Getting the best education starts from selecting what type of learning method will work best for you and your schedule. In-person may be a great choice for those who get easily distracted and need hands-on learning, whereas online works best for the on-the-go learner that needs to train on their time and schedule. Deciding what works best for you and your learning habits will ensure that you are getting the best real estate education possible. Once you have decide which type of class best fits your unique needs, speak with one of our career counselors to get started with your decision.