Real Estate Sales Associate Courses: Quick Reference

Real Estate Sales Associate Courses

If you are at least eighteen years old and are looking for a career, you may want to think about becoming a real estate sales associate. You need to have a high school diploma, though a GED is also accepted. Looking for a career change? It is never too late to become a real estate sales associate.

Prior to getting started with a new career, you need the right training. Here at IFREC, we are dedicated to giving real estate professionals the training that they deserve.

Here are the real estate sales associate courses that we offer.

The pre-licensure course lasts sixty-three hours which includes a 3-hour exam and is based on the FREC I syllabus. It is a comprehensive look at the theoretical, practical, and even legal aspects of real estate. Not only will the participants come away from the course with a good overview of the real estate field, they will be well prepared for the course examination, as well as the state examination. Prior to moving on with your real estate training, you will need to complete a pre-licensure course examination.

Our state exam prep course is very intensive to ensure that all participants are ready for their state examination. It is a two-day course that reviews materials that they should have studied throughout the pre-licensure course so that they will have no problems on the day of the state examination. Even if you have just taken the pre-licensure course, this course is essential to help you on your new career.

After passing the examination, potential real estate sales associates should take the post licensure course. This course can be taken from eighteen to twenty-four months depending on your initial license date. It is forty-five hours of study and must be taken after you pass the state examination and prior to your first license renewal.

This course, not only reviews information that real estate professionals had previously learned, but it helps to build on these practices so that participants should be ready to start a successful real estate business. Hands-on-training is an important part of this course.

Here are IFREC, we are also proud to offer continuing education for real estate professionals. These classes are given to ensure that you are keeping abreast with the latest and best practices in the real estate industry. According to state law, you must complete fourteen hours of continuing education every twenty-four months. This currently includes eleven hours of specialty education and three hours of core law, which are constantly changing. There will be an examination required if you take a distance learning course but an exam is not required if you take a live classroom course.  

One good thing about continuing education is that it is the same no matter what you are doing in real estate. Sales associates, brokers, and even broker associates can take the same courses, instead of having to look for specialty courses.

There are online class options for those who live too far away. We offer pre-license courses and post license courses, as well as plenty of continuing education so that our real estate sales associates can stay current on their license. There are classes on core law and ethics to ensure that real estate professionals are acting correctly as they deal with their clients and the law.

For those of you who are licensed and have fallen behind on your required education and the State has told you that you need to complete 28 hours of reactivation to activate your license, then IFREC can assist you with this as well.  

Becoming a real estate sales associate can be a great career, as long as you are well-prepared. By taking the right classes and examination, you can be on the way to a long and successful career. Contact us to help you get started in the right direction!