How Real Estate Seminars are Beneficial to Your Career


We get it: real estate agents are busy — from showing houses and negotiating with sellers to marketing your services and communicating with clients, your career is non-stop. How are you supposed to fit continuing education, professional development, networking and license renewal courses in the middle of running a successful business?

Answer: real estate seminars. These usually range anywhere from less than half-day to one or two day events that are a great way to get a quick hit of valuable information and in some cases a professional designation without spending too much time away from your day-to-day responsibilities. Not only are they typically shorter and more affordable than traditional conferences, real estate seminars can also be more learning-friendly and actually give you the chance to network with fellow agents and potential mentors. Keep reading to find how real estate seminars are short-term investments that provide long-term career benefits.

Receive Certifications and Designations

Education is a great way to set yourself apart in the real estate industry. While not always accredited, most real estate seminars provide some sort of certificate to show you know your stuff. If interested, look for seminars that are accredited by the NAR or by one of its partners to receive credible real estate designations. Here is a list of NAR designations and certifications to boost your real estate knowledge.


Network with Peers, Potential Employers and Mentors

Real estate seminars are typically smaller than conferences, thus allowing a more hands-on learning environment. You can raise your hand to ask questions or chat with your table of peers. You never know if you will find your next business partner, employer or mentor at one of these events. While the main goal is usually expanding your knowledge, you can use this moment to share what makes your real estate career unique. Position yourself as a valuable resource to your peers and they could refer clients who are in need of such niche services.

Learn About Niche Markets and Industry Best Practices

Which brings us to our next point: since seminars are usually shorter, highly content-focused and local, you can take this opportunity to learn about niche markets. Whether you want to focus on commercial real estate or luxury home buying and selling, there a seminar for you. And research has proven that real estate education can help agents grow their businesses because you can offer a wider (or deeper) array of services.

Attend In-Person or Online

Do not feel like leaving your office to go to a seminar? Some organizations provide online courses or even live-stream their seminars so you can participate on your terms. At IFREC we offer multiple continuing education, post-license, professional development and designation courses through our online classroom. Some of these include:



Furthering your real estate knowledge through seminars allows you the flexible format and custom education to fit your schedule and needs. From obtaining an NAR designation to networking with mentors, these content-heavy seminars are the boost your real estate career could use. Wondering which seminar would be best suited for your career goals? Talk with one of our expert career counselors today. They can walk you through the best real estate education practices they have learned over the 30 years IFREC has serviced Central Florida. Get started today — there is a real estate seminar happening soon near you!