A Comprehensive Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy (Part 1 of 5)


Strategy, Tips, and Tactics

Social media is one of the major planks for real estate marketing success. In previous blog articles we introduced you to some of the tips and tactics for good social media results. Here is a strategic framework to get the best results from those tips. Giving you some tips first makes sense – discussing strategy first could be too theoretical. Now that you have some of the tips, you can decide how to apply them to your strategy.

Many Realtors, both agents and brokers, are expert at real estate and familiar with the many social media marketing platforms. The same is true of home inspectors and mortgage lenders. They throw themselves into “social media” with the same enthusiasm they have for selling listings and working with buyers, inspecting homes for structural defects or dangerous wiring, or putting the right loan package together.

That enthusiasm carried over into social media marketing will only deliver great results if the strategy is right. To make best use of our tips for Facebook or Twitter, etc. clarify your strategy first.

In these five articles we will discuss how to build an effective social media marketing strategy so the tips we share for specific platforms will keep delivering the right results.

Clarify Your Social Media Strategy.

Do social media properly so you grow your audience, generate leads, and attract new clients. The key point is – design your strategy to attract and interest your specific audience.

The base of your strategy is your specific audience. All sellers are not the same, all buyers are not, and neither are all Realtors (if you want to grow your home inspection or mortgage business on referrals from agents and brokers.)

A Mistake Many Make

It is fair to assume that most sellers will also buy, so a successful Realtor uses social media to attract both. Sellers and buyers both have a home inspection done, but for different reasons. Many buyers want to be pre-approved for a mortgage before they write an offer. So it is easy to assume you can attract all of these potential clients by using the same social media tips and tactics. After all, they are all buyers and sellers, and most of them are on Facebook or Twitter. Right?

Avoid the Mistake

Just focusing on tips and tactics is not the best way to use social media. In Part 2 of this series we will explore that part of the strategy so you will know how to avoid the mistakes many social media marketers make, and how to reap the rewards. In the meantime, to learn more about our real estate courses please just click this link to contact us.