A Comprehensive Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy (Part 4 of 5)


Getting Your Social Media Followers to Take Action

People buy from people they know, like, trust, respect, and want to work with. That is the basis of all marketing. People then act because they perceive a specific benefit from taking that action. That has not changed, so your social media strategy’s goal is to use that principle to your advantage. Present yourself in different ways to send the right messages to each buyer persona – first-time, move-up, luxury, investor, etc.

Yes, you want to be liked. But you also want to be seen as someone a first-time buyer would feel comfortable with and want to work with. You want to show your expertise, so certain buyers see you as someone they, specifically, can trust and rely on. Comments by past clients (that they also share on their own Facebook page) prove your likeability, trustworthiness, expertise, how you go the extra mile, etc.

Social media is not a free-for-all of posts, chats, and discussions even though many people see it that way. They get lost in the multitude of possible actions instead of focusing on the ones that deliver results. Let us go back to the rules for successful social media marketing.

1. Decide on Your Target Market

It may be, for example:

  • First-time buyers who want a nice home in a nice area, close to where they work or wealthy entrepreneurs who want an impressive home in an exclusive neighborhood.
  • Detail-oriented clients who expect their home inspector to be fully-qualified, who works to ASHI standards, and who explains their inspection, the reports, what the findings mean, etc.
  • First-time buyers who need an FHA loan, veterans who qualify for a VA loan, new construction buyers, people who need a short-term bridge, or investors who need to arrange a reverse 1031 Exchange.

When you choose your target, you can take careful aim. Choose the specific messages to attract and interest your ideal clients.

2. Speak to Them Where They Live

Your ideal clients use some social media platforms more than others. Do your research and establish yourself on those platforms. If you focus on a certain subdivision, for example, join its “Next Door” group, “friend” the same people on Facebook, begin a “group” your ideal clients will join.

If you focus on, say, winning business from Realtors for their clients’ home inspections and mortgages, go where the Realtors go. And encourage Realtors to share your ideas, comments, reports, newsletters, etc. with their clients and prospects so they can join your group, directly.

3. Engage Them About Things That Matter to Them

Many Realtors send out monthly newsletters, for example. Those newsletters highlight new listings and recent sales, trends in the market, news items, etc. and they all offer free CMAs. Social media explodes those topics into videos of neighborhoods, school sports days, local group activities, virtual tours, descriptions of the reports you offer, etc.

More than that, social media lets you say or write something useful to your target market so they can comment and ask questions. You reply to the comments and offer answers. You encourage others to respond, so a real community develops.

You encourage specialists in your “hyperlocal” marketing to post and speak about things that matter. It may be the school principals, the local fire chief or sheriff, the HOA president, the new “moms group” that is starting, or the local library summer event. You also post useful info about home inspections and mortgages.

You provide useful, professional, target-market-specific information so your social platform becomes a powerful “Call to Action” medium that draws prospects in and keeps them tight to you.

The Takeaway

Use the three parts of your strategy, give out valuable info, encourage people to get involved so they feel they are part-owners of the platform. And always make an offer and use a CTA in your posts. We cover those in Part 5. In the meantime, you can contact us to learn more by clicking this link.