A Comprehensive Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy (Part 5 of 5)


The Call to Action (CTA)

If social media is just an online hangout, then it is not marketing, and not a critical tool to grow your business. It may be fun, interesting and helpful but it is not marketing. Marketing is, as you know, about encouraging and enabling people in your target market to want to develop a relationship with you, and to decide how they can benefit from all you bring to the part of real estate that you serve.

Marketing demands decisions. People make decisions depending on:

  • Who they are.
  • Where they are in their buyer journey.
  • How they believe they will benefit.

The Buyer Journey

You are building your online community, it is active, and people like to check in, contribute, learn things, and “chat.” Some of those people are potential clients. They are on what marketers call a buyer journey, for example:

  1. They are generally interested in homes for sale, price trends, what an area has to offer, etc.
  2. They will be or are starting to think about buying, borrowing, or investing.
  3. They have begun to look at possibilities, they check out online websites, visit open houses, etc.
  4. They have now decided they want to buy, and are checking out neighborhoods, current inventory, mortgage rates, etc.
  5. They decide to work with a real estate professional.

You can encourage anyone at any of these stages to want to benefit from what you offer.

Make an Offer

Those at Steps 1. or 2. will value an offer to help them understand the details involved in buying, moving to a new area, etc. and for you to keep them informed about current inventory.

Those at Step 3. would welcome an offer from you to become their go-to person for detailed, up-to-date, and accurate information about neighborhood schools, available homes, HOAs, mortgage options, etc.

Those you have helped through Steps 1. to 3. will automatically choose you at Step 4. Some others who may be looking for the right professional after spending time with someone else will be open to your offer.

In all your contacts you offer subscriptions to your newsletters, receiving notice of your virtual tours, getting a copy of your latest report, whitepaper, glossary of technical terms. What matters is you offer things that will appeal to people at different stages in their buyer journey.

When you send out your newsletter, you describe a new report on “pick a subject” or a seminar on loans or title insurance or the closing process. Your professional contacts already speak at sales meetings and community groups, so they will be happy to talk with your social media group, and you will return the favor by helping them and referring business to them.

The Call to Action

Most people do not make a decision because they are not asked to! Therefore, with every offer you make a Call to Action such as:

  • “Click this link to get our latest newsletter.”
  • “Click here to learn more about . . .”
  • “Say YES to our seminar on having a smooth closing.”

Calls to Action must be simple and obvious – click here, and click now is what you are saying.

To encourage people to “click now” set a time limit or a numbers limit. For example:

  • The newsletter will be out on Monday. Click now.
  • We limit our seminars to 20 people to allow enough time for questions. Click now.
  • The loan officer can only speak to our group on Saturday, click now to confirm your place.

The Takeaway

Use our articles to build your social media marketing strategy, focus on your hyperlocal market, then use the tips we also give you to soar past your competition.

Always make an offer and always have a CTA that encourages “do it now.”

And in keeping with that philosophy – if you want to learn more about our real estate courses and our exam prep courses, please click here now!