How to Recruit Real Estate Agents for Your Brokerage


Recruiting is the lifeblood of any successful real estate brokerage. As the market begins to climb, you are probably beginning to look at how to recruit additional real estate agents to your firm. We would like to offer a few alternatives to your current recruiting plan that may help increase your recruiting efforts and further your recruiting goals in the most efficient way possible.

Becoming an independent broker and opening your own practice takes a lot of effort. Apart from obtaining the proper licenses and other necessary business decisions you will need to make, you will also want to start thinking about staffing your agency with the best real estate talent available. Consistently hiring new and existing agents will boost your business to a new level.

Finding Agents in a Busy Market

Be on the lookout for potential associates that match your company’s goals and philosophies. Constant and consistent attention to recruitment of new and existing agents is a MUST to grow your business successfully. Hiring or assigning a person to exclusively recruit agents would be ideal although slightly more expensive, especially for smaller offices. To resolve this, many brokers or managers put the recruiting hat on for their offices.

Offering an incentive such as a bonus or spiff to your agents, for the referral of a potential new agent to join your team, may drive recruiting efforts. Here are a few things to keep in mind while recruiting:

  • Develop a recruiting plan. Get your whole team involved!
  • Always follow up with leads. Keeping in contact with your potential recruits, know their interests and develop a relationship with them.
  • Host career nights or breakfasts at your office. Here is a great place to target recruits – just remember to plan in advance. Advertising the event successfully gives a higher attendance number and is the key to success for these types of venues.


Utilize Broker Referral Programs

The Institute of Florida Real Estate Careers (IFREC) has an exclusive broker referral program that is very valuable to any office that is actively recruiting. This program offers many benefits to our loyal members. Members of this program receive lists of new students who have begun a class but have yet to choose a company to work for. Perhaps you can invite them to your office for an interview or to attend a sales meeting and meet our future successful agents. You may also participate in IFREC’s Career Expo, where you can meet and greet current, new and past students face to face! The expos are heavily attended and give you the opportunity to speak with several potential new agents all at one time. Being an exclusive partner with IFREC will ensure that you will always have a steady stream of new agents to continuously recruit from. For more information on this program you can email Robin at

Spread The Word!

You will want to be sure to make it well known that you are recruiting. You can network at events such as IFREC’s Career Expos or other industry events, advertise or even post a sign on the IFREC employment board in their classrooms or on the window of your office! Have a company billboard? Advertise that you are currently hiring. On your company’s website you can even create a page devoted to soliciting new agents. On the webpage you can put information on how to obtain a real estate license for people newly interested and a link on the page that will bring up a form for the potential agent to reach out to you about possible positions. Link your company information to IFREC’s “Who’s Hiring” page. This page is viewed by thousands of students that are in class and seeking employment. Utilize free advertising, also known as social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to expand your sales force.

Remember agents are going to look for a company where they can get the most bang for their buck. They want to make sure there are good training programs and adequate support staff, but they will also want to know about commission splits, desk and other related fees, how and if leads are provided or if “floor time” to capture potential buyers and sellers is available to them.  As a company you will want to make sure that you put your best foot forward and appear as the better option. Want to partner with IFREC’s broker referral program? Let us assist you in developing or enhancing your recruiting plan. Contact or one of our expert career counselors to get started working together today.