Is Selling Timeshares the Right Career Path For You?


Do you speak a foreign language? Do you have a personality for sales? How about a strong background of closing those transactions? If you answered yes, selling timeshares could be a lucrative career path for you to explore. Selling timeshare can also mean working in luxury hotels and resorts, traveling around the world and selling to higher-caliber clients.

There are a few important things to note if you want to sell timeshare:

Have the personality for sales

Selling timeshare means your paycheck is based on commissions, much like a real estate agent’s. The more you sell, the more money you make. This means you have many opportunities to make a lot of money through selling timeshare. If you have a personality that allows for a good rapport with your clients, excellent closing skills or speak a second or third language then timeshare sales may be for you. If you have a knack for closing transactions and wowing customers, selling timeshare can be a great and lucrative opportunity. The sky’s the limit.


Work under the right company

Many companies will actually pay you a salary while you get your license at a real estate school. After earning your license you can make commission on your sales. Additionally, the timeshare company you work with will have an enormous impact on your sales. The timeshare company will usually provide leads for you to take on a tour of the resort and hopefully close the sale. Finding a company that has a longstanding history will set you on the path toward success, give your clients peace of mind and protect the legitimacy of your sales. Being affiliated with a well-known, reputable company makes you a more trustworthy salesperson to potential clients, which in turn makes it more likely to close sales quickly.

Understand the market

Make sure you fully understand the kind of buyers timeshare attracts and the appeal they have in the real estate market. Which demographics will be interested in timeshare? Which ones will the resort market to? Who are these buyers and what types of purchases do they prefer? Do your research to be the most effective salesperson. Please note that this is a seasonable market and you have an opportunity to make a great amount of money at certain times of the year.



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