Social Media: Making Your LinkedIn Profile Paramount


Your Profile is Paramount


Real estate agents do business in an online world as well as a physical world. In this article we will discuss how you can grow your online business presence. Thousands of Realtors local to you – wherever you may be – are on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Many of them rely on the idea that “content is king” so they keep adding content. They add interesting content, fun content, photos of their open houses, their model homes, and their new listings. They go for content because “content is king.” The secret to success, though, is that content can become king when “your profile is paramount.”


Your Prospective Client


Most prospective clients check out prospective Realtors before making direct contact. Those prospects choose their Realtor based on several factors; only one of them is “simple content.” The photo they see of a home they like may link them to you, but it may also link them to other Realtors because the prospect will keep surfing the net. The may have seen the home on your site, but they keep surfing and they see it again on someone else’s.

Every Realtor can advertise via the MLS, and most prospective clients know that. The serious prospects, especially ones who are not looking for their first home to buy with their first FHA loan, are looking for a Realtor they can put their long-term trust in, not just someone who can show them a property. In these cases “profile is paramount” because these prospects are looking for a business relationship, not just a Realtor. Your prospect may check out your Facebook page, of course, but they will also check out your LinkedIn profile because that is where they find “your business side” not just your family and friends side.


Who Uses LinkedIn?


LinkedIn has become the world’s largest business network because it is so important. Your LinkedIn profile is a powerful 24/7/365 sales contact point and is more valuable in many ways than other profiles. Many new Realtors join an office and are told to “do what the others do” often because “others are doing it.” You want your profile to be paramount, so do what others don’t do.


You want:

  • Prospective clients to see your profile and contact you to discuss their buying and selling goals.
  • Other professionals to see your profile and want to refer you to their clients.


When loan officers, title agents, closing officers, home inspectors, general contractors and others see your profile you want them to be so impressed they are, as we covered in other articles, “attracted,” “interested,” and then “motivated” to “act” on your behalf and in your best interest. That is why your LinkedIn profile is so important.


The Basics of Your LinkedIn Profile


Many Realtors gear their profile towards basic facts because they do what others do. You want your profile to attract, interest and motivate readers to act. They will do that if your profile focuses on the right things. Make it about benefits, not features. Here are the key factors that will make your profile paramount:

  • Have a powerful headline. Your headline is the first thing people will read, so use it to tell them in as few words as possible how they will benefit from doing business with you.
  • Choose your keywords for your headline and your profile carefully. You want your readers to see words that resonate with them. Every Realtor offers high-quality service and client satisfaction – what do you offer that makes your prospect want to contact you rather than anyone else?
  • Use a professional photograph. Look like the person your client wants to do business with. Look at the camera, look welcoming, successful, and in control. Selfies do not deliver the same message.
  • Make your marketing piece about yourself and your real estate practice. Tell your reader what advantages and benefits they will get from working with you.
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL. You want it to motivate readers to click on it.
  • Make sure the link from your LinkedIn profile to your website reinforces what they read in your profile.
  • Use the experience and history section to reinforce the benefits you provide. Most experience and history sections that people read are primarily a list of “have dones.” Make yours suggest that everything you did has enabled you to become the person you want your readers to see. Make it about achievements and accolades that tell your prospects that you are the Realtor for them.
  • Be professional and friendly all the way through to reinforce the first impression your readers got from your headline and photo.


Summary Comment


Your LinkedIn profile can be your more detailed elevator pitch that people read rather than listen to. You want it to have the same effect; you want your prospects to want to contact you – now! and we want you to contact us now so we can start you on your path to total Realtor success.