Top 5 Useful Contacts For a Real Estate Agent


Despite the fact that real estate officially means dealing with land and a large stationary building, being a real estate agent is always an exciting job. Why? Because you get to meet people during the most interesting parts of their lives. Buying or selling a home is always a big decision for any family or individual. Normally, people don’t need a real estate agent until they’re about to make a major life change like buying a new house or selling their old one. Even investment property owners bring a little excitement with them as fantastic repeat customers. Of course, because a property changing hands is such a big deal, this also means that real estate agents do see the occasional downtime.

Naturally, you want more business and for a real estate agent, that means a bigger network and more contacts who can lead you to potential clients or properties.

1) Professional Flippers

The first kind of person every real estate agent wants as both a contact and a friend is a professional flipper. These unique remodelers specialize in buying undersized, bizarre, and unattractive houses and transforming them into a safe and cozy home for a new family to occupy. Not only do flippers serve an important part of the real estate industry by rehabbing houses that were nearly off the market for lack of saleability, they are also constantly buying old houses and selling as comfortable refurbished homes. If you can become friends with a professional flipper, they can both give you hints on how to find secretly great property and might possibly become one of your most loyal customers.

2) Divorce Lawyers

There are three common reasons why someone might sell their home. Estate sales after a relatively wealthy person dies often include an entire home and the parcel of land the home is gone, and many individuals or couples choose to sell a home for financial, personal, or occupational reasons. However, one of the biggest triggers for a home sale is divorce in which the ex-couple decides to sell the house and split the proceeds rather than arguing over who gets the house and what else is given over in return. With a divorce lawyer contact, your card could be the one they hand clients who have just agreed to sell.

3) Homeowner’s Associations

While a homeowner’s association isn’t a particular person, you can actually get acquainted with the ruling bodies that control several local neighborhoods worth of property. Simply by being friendly with a few HOAs, you can get news on who in your region is buying, selling, looking for an agent, or in need of professional real estate advice. You might even become the go-to agent for a few neighboring communities.

4) Investment Property Owners

Where professional flippers buy a sequence of homes one at a time, renovate, and sell, investment property owners are building themselves a passive income by collecting properties rather than selling them one at a time. These properties are almost always residences and the income is generated by whatever of rent exceeds the mortgage payment. Ideally, you’ll want to know several investment property owners and be ready to help each of them when they’re eventually prepared to buy another property.

5) Mortgage Lenders

Finally, knowing a few trustworthy mortgage lenders who can clearly define their terms is a wonderful asset to have. It’s incredibly common for your real estate clients to have a plan and a desire to find the right place before they have arranged for any sort of financing. With friendly, helpful mortgage lenders on your Rolodex, you should be able to help every client get the financing they need once they find a house they love.

Real estate may be about buildings, but the vast majority of the activity is talking to people. Whether you’re trying to bring in new clients or help current clients achieve their homeownership goals (buying or selling), these five types of people are incredibly useful to know. For more tips and advice on being a real estate agent, contact us today!